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Amy Robinette, who owns Gold Buying Girl, a network of 70 women in six states who throw parties for people to sell their gold jewelry, says her clients “don’t realize how much their gold is worth.” She gets a cut of the sales.

“Once they sell, it kind of creates a frenzy,” says Robinette, who quit a career as a personnel recruiter to start the business two years ago. “They either want to find more or tell their friends and their friends start selling.” – Yahoo Finance

ABC: Live Well Network

The “Gold Buying Girl” hosts parties at people’s homes, where people come and enjoy a party like atmosphere and sell their gold. – ABC



Houston family Magazine

Jewelry stores and pawn shops are two of the biggest buyers of old gold, but you can have some fun with your money-making venture too. If you’re into entertaining and you want to make a party while making some cash for you and some friends, you can call someone like Amy Robinette, “The Gold-Buying Girl.” You plan the party, your friends bring the gold, and Robinette brings the money. As the hostess, you’ll also get a small commission from all of the gold your guests sell to Robinette. — Houston Family Magazine

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