Getting Started

Getting Started with Gold Buying Girl

Q. What is a Gold Buying Girl?
A. A Gold Buying Girl is a professionally trained assayer and purchaser of gold silver and platinum. We purchase and pay the most for your items since we don't have the overhead of a store and provide a fun and safe environment. We reach our clientele directly through home parties, fundraisers and private appointments.

Q. Do I have to use my own money to buy the gold, silver and platinum?
A. No.  The Gold Buying Girl will provide a corporate checkbook for you.

Q. How much does it cost to get started?
A. There are no upfront costs to get started and most of our new Gold Buying Girls earn their kits by either applying the hostess fee from their first party or through our BUY BACK Program.  You are required to purchase our LFT Legal For Trade scale which is included in the kit.  The cost of the kit is $595 and will include everything you need to get started as a Gold Buying Girl.

Q. How do I qualify for the BUY BACK Program?
A. You will have 45 days to earn your kit in the BUY BACK Program.  Our Regional Managers and Team Leads will help coach you to reach your goal and succeed.

Q. What about training?
A. The Gold Buying Girl provides free hands on and one on one training for all new team members. You will be required to attend parties as a helper.  Then one of our certified trainers will schedule a Master Training Class.  You will learn our internal systems and instruction on how to properly buy gold.  You will also be scheduled to meet with our Director of Development who will help with your Path to Success and get you started on booking parties.  We don't just sell you a kit. We are there for you!

Q: How do I earn money?
A: That depends on you and how much time you invest in your Path to Success.  You have the opportunity to build your own team and our commission structure will allow you to earn up to 60% of the profit from a party.  The Gold Buying Girl offers bonuses for you, your team and incentive trips for reaching your goals. We always have additional bonuses throughout the year!

Q. How do I become a Gold Buying Girl?
A. You can start now!  Click on this link to Become a Gold Buying Girl.  You will be contacted by our Director of Development for a phone interview.