Why host a party with The Gold Buying Girl™?

We pay you more for your gold than a store, pawn shop or mall location because we don’t have their overhead.  We are a home party and private appraisal business so we can pay you more.  And we do it in the safe and comfortable surroundings of your home or your business.

The Gold Buying Girl makes it fun to turn your GOLD into GREEN$$

Why not sell to my local jewelry store?

We have taken the time to get offers from much of our competition including jewelry stores, pawn shops and mall kiosks.  We always pay higher and we take pride in proving that to our clients. The Gold Buying Girl has a proven reputation and we uphold our standards in each city, state and province where we operate.

Why not sell to a pawn shop?

Not everyone feels comfortable in a pawn shop setting. They are known for loaning money on items at a very low percentage of their worth. Typically you will not get the best value for your gold in a pawn shop.

Why not a mail-order service?

Are you really comfortable mailing off your items and having someone quote you an offer several days later?  How do you know exactly what they are paying you, the weight of your items, and what items are deemed not to be gold?  These companies pay considerable lower and this industry is being investigated for their fare trade practices. At a Gold Buying Girl party our trained consultants will tell you exactly what your items are worth on the spot.

So Why Should I book a gold party with The Gold Buying Girl?

The Gold Buying Girl makes it a fun, easy and safe process.  Our parties are done in your home or business.  Our trained consultants assay your gold, silver or platinum and you have a fun time in safe surroundings.  You are not obligated to take our offer and there is no commitment to sell.  It’ fun to see your friends get excited over the price they are being paid for some old items that are mismatched or broken.  It becomes contagious and you will want to host your own party and earn the Hostess Fee.  You may also qualify for our monthly Hostess Incentive with your party total. 

Will I have to buy something at the party?

Absolutely not!  All you have to do at a Gold Buying Girl party is bring your items and have fun.  A trained Gold Buying Girl will determine the value of your gold, silver and platinum and pay you on the spot.

Can I earn money at a Gold Buying Girl Party?

Yes. There are several ways to earn money at a Gold Buying Girl Party. If you are the hostess, you receive 10% of the amount we purchase from your friends that attend. Also, for every friend that books a party from your party, you could receive a referral fee—$25, $50, $75 or $100. For example, if three friends book a party, that’s up to $300 more in your pocket depending on their party totals.

If you are a guest you get paid on the spot for your unwanted gold, silver, or platinum.

How does a Gold Buying Girl know what my jewelry is worth?

Our Gold Buying Girls are trained professionals. We use the latest technology and LFT Legal For Trade scales to weigh your items for their value.  All consultants go through extensive training before being certified to operate as a Gold Buying Girl.

What kind of jewelry does Golden Girls buy?

The Gold Buying Girl will buy any of your unwanted, broken, or mismatched yellow, white, pink or rose gold jewelry that is 10, 14, 18, 22 or 24K.  We also buy gold and silver coins, flatware, candle sticks and serving pieces.  Don’t forget your old charms, class rings, sorority pins and service awards.  Anything item that is gold, silver or platinum.

Can the Buyer save the stones in my jewelry?

We can remove most stones for you depending on how they are set. Please ask the Gold Buying Girl at your party. We cannot return stones after the party has been concluded.

What if I don’t have time to attend or host a Gold Buying Girl party? 

Don’t worry!  We will arrange for a private appointment.  Just call us to arrange a convenient time and place to meet and a Gold Buying Girl will come to you.

How much does Golden Girls pay for gold?

Our pricing is based on the daily London Fix price, the physical weight of your gold in grams, the karat type. The Gold Buying Girl is happy to provide you with an average price per gram. But remember that gold fluctuates by the minute.

Are you able to handle large groups?

Fundraisers for your school, church, sports and cheer teams or your favorite charity.  The Gold Buying Girl is able to handle any size group and will come prepared with our trained and professional consultants.

What makes The Gold Buying Girl different?

We don’t have the overhead of a store so we can pay you more!  We are licensed and use only LFT Legal For Trade scales and state of the art technology to assay your gold. We train all of The Gold Buying Girls to operate with integrity and comply with all laws and licensing requirements. And we pay you the highest amount on the spot for gold, silver or platinum.

We want a Gold Buying Girl party to be a fun and safe experience for you and your friends.  We pay you to PARTY and turn your GOLD into GREEN$$